Post Guidelines

Be Kind to One Another

Please respect the searcher’s preferences when you post. And please respect the poster’s preference when you reply. Consent. It’s AseeksB overriding rule and is really that simple. Do not misrepresent what you’re looking for. Do not misrepresent yourself. Do not post in long-term kink-friendly if you’re looking for something short-term. Do not post photos that aren’t of yourself and recent. Do not claim to be someone (age/gender/sexuality/etc.) that you’re not, etc. Just be yourself, and respect others’ right to search for, only see, and only contact and be contacted by, whomever they’re seeking.

NOTE: You Can Still Report After Being Unmatched

In other apps, ill-intentioned users (bad actors) have been known to say something unpleasant (e.g., ask someone to click on a link, join their whatever, send them money, etc.) and then unmatch before their account can be reported. This does not work on AseeksB. You can report a message thread even after a bad actor unmatches you. If you find that a user isn’t following our Guidelines, please report their account. This helps out all other users and keeps AseeksB a great place to be.


Posts should be accurately categorized. This means, for example, that if you’re looking for something short-term, do not post under "long-term." It's ok to create a post without the kink-friendly tag and still mention that you happen to like some kink. But if you’re looking for a D/s relationship, a kinky play partner, or for a particular fetish/kink, that post should be tagged as kink-friendly. Note that miscategorization can be reported. So no bait-and-switches please. Please respect the readers’ right to only see the kind of posts they’re interested in.

No One Under 18

There is absolutely no tolerance for content relating to or alluding to minors, children, or young adults. We will report serious violations to the authorities. If you see or suspect this violation, please report it to us immediately.

Fantasy or 'role-playing' regarding minors is also not allowed. It is impossible to determine intent. Do not do it.

No Soliciting or Advertising

Commercial posts of any kind, for any reason, are strictly forbidden. This includes soliciting or advertising for any kind of subscription service, offering or alluding to any kind of relationship/understanding/interaction that involves money, selling merchandise, posting jobs, offering massages or therapeutic services, etc. Advertising for events of any kind is also not allowed.

No Promoting Social Media

We get it. You want followers, we want followers, they want followers, who doesn’t? But this isn’t the place for it. Do not post any social media accounts on your post (e.g., “not usually on here so message me on…”). If after messaging for a bit you’d like to message on another app, that’s fine. But if we detect that you’re trying to use posts as a funnel to grow your followers or to circumvent any of the policies mentioned in this guideline your account will get banned.

No Harmful, Violent, or Abusive Content

Content that is violent, forceful, abusive, hurtful, harassing, or offensive to anyone else, including yourself, is not allowed. We understand that users have a range of kink-interests - we get it, but posts are public, and public play isn’t allowed without the consent of all parties, and you don’t have the consent of all users’.

No Drugs

We do not allow the sharing, distribution, selling, or advertised usage of, illegal drugs on our app. This includes poppers. Yes, that means no “party friendly” ads. We know what you mean. They know what you mean. We all know what you mean.

No Illegal Activity

Discussion or promotion of fraud, illegal sexual acts, threats, or anything else that’s against the law is not allowed. If it’s illegal offline, please don’t do it here.

No Escorting

There is a strict policy of no paid services. This includes everything relating to escorting and prostitution, and yes, this also includes any kind of “pro sessions” or “sugar-anything” whether or not they include sex. This does not just mean that you can’t directly ask for money in your ad, it also means that any allusions to compensation, the use of code words (e.g., tribute, gifts, roses, FinDom, mutually beneficial, etc.), or any attempt to sell services on this app or on any other messaging or social networking app will get your profile banned. This is not the app for sex work, escorting, or for getting paid for your personal time (sexual/platonic companionship/moving furniture/whatever). The same goes for messaging. Really. Do not ask to be compensated, in any way, for any service, on or off the app. Message threads can be reported even after you’ve unmatched someone. If we detect that you’re trying to game the system, your account will get banned.

No Bestiality or Cruelty to Animals

Bestiality, sex with animals, or cruelty to animals is strictly not allowed. We will report such violations.

No Personal Information

Personal contact information such as addresses or phone numbers is not allowed. We will ban accounts that forcefully try to insert this information into posts. Yes, we are aware that one can spell out numbers rather than use Arabic numerals. It has never been done before and is incredibly clever.

No Posting Other Messaging Services Accounts

Do not post other messaging services in your ad (e.g., “Not often on here, reach out to me on..."). Doing so will result in a banned account. The same goes for message threads. We understand that you might at some point want to move to texting, another app that supports "the gifs," "the memes," etc., and that’s fine, but if we detect malicious intent (e.g., messages that immediately point users to another app so that one can ask for money/tribute/get subscribers/grow followers) one's profile will get banned.

No Multiple Accounts, No Spamming of Posts

We don't allow multiple accounts for one user. While we allow multiple posts per account, we also discourage over-posting. No more than 3 posts can be created every week, and no more than 3 posts can be active at once. If we detect that you’re spamming, all suspected accounts will get banned.

No Impersonations

It’s pretty simple stuff. Don't pretend to be someone you’re not. Whether it be your age, gender, or location. This includes parody accounts. Respect others’ right to filter posts as they see fit. Do not try to circumvent others’ filters. Do not message someone if you do not meet their post's criteria.

No Posting About Other Users / Posts

You’re not Batman, and we don’t allow vigilantes. Please do not post posts that 'warn' users of bad actors or other bad posts. If you have an issue with a post or a user, please report the issue/user to the app admins so that they can address it.

A Note About Role-Playing

Be yourself. If you do want to roleplay, do not misrepresent yourself in your post and profile (again, respect the searcher’s preferences). Do make it clear in your post that you’re roleplaying and do not include something that would violate any of the other guidelines (e.g., roleplaying as incest) as your account will get banned.

Words of Caution

Please remember that you are ultimately dealing with strangers from the internet, so please be cautious and safe. Also be wary of – and report – anyone requesting money from you. Do not share your financial information with anyone. Do not sign up for any channel. Do not provide any form of payment. Please be smart and careful. Enjoy the app and thank you for joining!