Photo Guidelines

Photos Must be of Poster

We understand that you might not want to share face pics publicly, and that you may want to wait to share those in private messages, so photos don’t need to be face pics. That being said, if you do choose to upload photos, they must be of you. This means memes no matter how hilarious, images no matter how hot or how amazingly they represent what you want/who you want to be/them to be/all of us to be, etc., will not be allowed. Just you. People searching for posts with pics are expecting pics of the poster, not a pic of your favorite sandwich, so please respect others’ right to choose. Photos that are not of the poster will be removed. As will the post they're associated with. Repeated violation of this requirement may result in profile deletion.


Profile pics are public. Anyone who taps on a post, wherever they are, will be able to see them. As such they cannot be graphic. They can also not suggest sexual acts.


No photos of anyone under 18 years of age.

No Illegal Activity

No photos of you doing anything illegal – drug dealing, fraud, illegal sexual acts, threats, with drugs and/or drug paraphernalia – or anything else that’s against the law is not allowed. If it’s illegal offline, please do not do it here.

Disturbing or Offensive

No photos depicting violent acts to yourself, someone else, or animals; including blood in photo (real or simulated). No photos of guns, knives, or other weapons (real or simulated). No photos of racist, intolerant, hateful, bigoted acts, gestures, or symbols.


No collages or compositions of multiple photos.

Extreme Closeups

No photos where only one body feature is visible (e.g., mouth only, nose only, bellybutton only, foot only, etc.).

Photo Quality

No blurry or distorted photos​.

Overlay, Modified, or Facetuning

No photos that include text (e.g., a picture of a phone number, website url, social media handle, etc.), emojis, stickers, filters, themed frames, watermarks, or censor blocks overlaid on photos. Please do not upload facetuned photos. Catfishing is disrespectful of the other user’s time.

No Copyrighted Content

If you don't own the rights to a photo please don't include it in your profile. Illustrations should not be uploaded at all. Photos must be of the poster.